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Show Results Continued


Allertonshire GSD Club Open Show Impranah Razzamattaz ‘Darcey’ 1st Open Bitch Graded Excellent & Best Bitch & Impranah Urban ‘Arnie’ 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show.  Judge Lily Hannan ‘Jonimay’.


3rd October 09

Fife GSD Club Open Show  Impranah Razzamattaz ‘Darcey’ 1st Open Bitch & Impranah Urban ‘Arnie’ 1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog (no Best Puppy)  Judge Wayne Vessey ‘Darraway’.


12th September 09

Impranah Razzamattaz "Darcey" was V8 in a very strong Adult Bitch class at the British Sieger 2009. 


5th September 09

IMPRANAH URBAN 'Arnie' Clyde Valley Open Show 2nd Puppy Dog Judge Shirley Hutchinson

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ' Darcey' Clyde Valley Open Show 1st Open Bitch Best Bitch & Best of Breed


August 22nd 09

GSD Club Of Scotland Impranah Urban 2nd Minor Puppy Dog.  Impranah Razzamattaz 1st Open Bitch Best Bitch & Best in Show Judge Eddie

 Armstrong "Geeswood


August 15th & 16th 09

Joint Two Day Championship Show  Impranah Urban 8th Minor Puppy Dog Judge Rene Ruden & Impranah Razzamattaz 2nd Post Graduate Bitch Judge Luciano Musolino "Valcuvia"


July 12th.09

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ‘ Darcey’ 3rd & graded Excellent Post Grad Bitch judge H Scheerer.

A big thanks to all who have helped us handling Darcey (not the easiest job in the world!) but in the main Graham Davidson, Michelle Baker, Hazie Docherty & Karen Johnstone.

IMPRANAH URBAN ‘Arnie’ BAGSD Championship Show 1st Minor Puppy Dog judge Paul Bradley.


July 6.09

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘Darcey’ West York Championship Show 4th & graded Excellent Post Grad Bitch judge E Bosl.

IMPRANAH URBAN ‘Arnie’ West Yorks Championship Show 4th Minor Puppy Dog judge Mel Groth



IMPRANAH URBAN ‘Arnie’ GSD League Open Show 1st Minor Puppy Dog judge Shirley Hutchinson, 

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘Darcey’ Breed Survey Class One Surveyor Terry Hannan & GSD League Open Show 3rd Limit Bitch judge Paul Rattigan


May 23.09

North Eastern GSD Club Open Show Judge Craig Rice IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ 1ST Limit Bitch & Res Best Bitch.


May 17.09

SKC Judge M Hardy 3rd Post Grad Bitch.


May 16.09

CLYDE VALLEY GSD Club Open Show.  

Judge Carol Eastwood Antilli IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ 1st Post Grad Bitch, Best Bitch & Best in Show


May 2.09  IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ' Darcey" 1st Post  Graduate Bitch, Best Bitch & Best in Show at Fife FGD Club Open Show.   Judge Michelle Baker.  


April 25.09

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ 'Darcey" 3rd in POST GRAD BITCH at South of Scotland Championship Show, Judge Andrew Connolly


April 12.09

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘Darcey’ 4th  in Post Grad Bitch at Sheffield GSD Championship Show on 12.4.09 judge Wayne Vessey


April 4.09

Bolton Championship Show IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ "Darcey' was graded excellent & 3rd in a very strong class of 19 bitches.  Judge Damir Jovanovic (Funnkem Spell) Croatia


March 21.09

GSD Club of Scotland IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘Darcey’ 1st PGB & Res Best Bitch Judge Helen Davenport Willis.



Allertonshire GSD Club Judge David Greer ‘ Conbhairean ’ IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘ Darcey ’ won 1st in Special Yearling Bitch.



The British Sieger Show Judge Thomas Teubert SV IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘ Darcey ’ graded SG5 out of 19 in the young female class.



Fife GSD Club Judge Steve Foran ‘ Mirrwood ’ IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘ Darcey ’ won 1 st in Special Yearling Bitch & Res Best Bitch.


Feb 2.08

Scottish Kennel Club IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘ Darcey ’ 1st Special Yearling Bitch  Judge Pauline Cullen


August .2.08

South of Scotland GSD Club Judge Keith Williamson (Korzwin) IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ was 1st in Special Yearling Bitch , Best Bitch & Best in Show


July 19.08 - 20.08

2 DAY NATIONAL Judge Matts Hogland IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ was 3rd in an extremely strong Special Yearling Bitch class  & her mother IMPRANAH MORISH was 6th in Limit Bitch



National Working & Pastoral Breeds Judge Mo Lakin

IMPRANAH RAZZAMATTAZ ‘ Darcey ’ won a very strong Graduate Bitch class & her mother

IMPRANAH MORISH ‘ Malley ’ was second in Limit Bitch .